What should we expect at the tryout?

Similar to Rec league tryouts, the players hitting, throwing and fielding skills will be evaluated along with registration info. Once your player completes a tryout, we will let you know the results within a couple weeks or sooner. If your player makes the team, we will send a welcome notice and schedule a social event this Fall for the players to get to know each other.

We are new to “travel ball” what are the key differences between that and Rec?

Take everything you may know Rec and elevate it a notch or two. The expected level of play is higher, more games are played, against better competition, costs are higher, and higher athletic skill sets are in demand. The sheer volume of softball games played, typically at least 4, in a day is the biggest adjustment, along with the commitment of typically a full Saturday (8AM to 8PM typically). We spend so much time together as a team, and investing in this team, that its true that Coaches typically evaluate the parents as well. This is done so the season and gamedays can be enjoyable for all. We will have further details of Team Expectations, that will be provided as part of the Team Handbook should your player be picked and decide to join.

What are the key costs to the Travel team ?

Team Organization: The team must form legal entity, file as an SC non profit, gain insurance to play at Tournaments and at the practice field and complete optional applications for 501C3 status. Team Gear: Each player needs a team batting helmet, bat bag, 2 jerseys, belt and socks at a minimum. Field Rental: The typical going rate is $50/hr. Tournament application fees : Typically around $250-300. Palmetto Fury is a non profit, and the Team Coaches donate their time. We will bring on accomplished Adjuct Coaches for modest fees from time to time. These will be either “opt in ” pay per event sessions or as a team, should we be blessed with great sponsorship funding.